Lately I have been creating some vessels to portray my version of Picasso’s lady images. I have dressed one of these vessels and have left the second one plain and naked. I shall see which vessel gets taken up first before I continue to decorate unnecessarily. What do you think?  










Hello to my first blog post.

I would like to share my techniques with you and also share other people’s works that I am interested in.

Lately I have been creating with stencils onto my raw clay pieces and now I am trying to use a different type of stencil paper to stick onto my bisque ware.

I had been using photocopy paper originally, but this had its pitfalls of falling apart when it got too wet. It also had to be applied to the wet clay for it to adhere. This new sticky paper works wonderfully well, yet it has its own shortcomings. It does stick to everything: it is not easy to cut out the negative but it does give clean and precise edges when sprayed which is what I am after.

The original image

The cut out stencil on the bisqued pot

The completed vase ready for glaze firing



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