LARGE BOWL with BIRD decals. 007
This bowl has been handmade, glazed with a clear glaze to show off the Little White Eye bird decals. I take the photograph and create decals from them. I feel that I am adding something personal to my work. As this dish is individually made, it is “one of a kind”. Food safe and great for oven to tableware. A great bowl to serve a salad or any other types of food in. 
Size: 250mm wide x 105mm high
Price: $90 This bowl can be purchased from The Fantail House Parnell.
There are  nine of these bowls available with a fish design on each one. Not all designs are the same.
I created my hand made stencil to make the silhouette, coloured over it and applied sgraffito (scratching into the colour to show the white clay beneath) to add detail and movement of each fish. Each of these bowls are created individually, there will be variations in size, form and finish.  Hand thrown and finished with a clear glaze for food safe and dish washer safe qualities. 
Size: W from 170 – 180mm X H 70 – 80mm 
Price: $35.00 each 
This hand thrown stoneware bowl is a great kitchen utensil for mixing batters or for serving up salads. This bowl has been glazed with a Tenmoku glaze and the interior overlayed with a Chun glaze to obtain the luscious blue opalescent colour so synonymous with Chun glazes. 
Size: W 240mm X H 100mm.
Price : $59.00   This bowl can be purchased from The Fantail House Parnell.
Ideal for any kitchen for mixing or for salads.  There are two bowls in this series. Glazed with a traditional Japanese Tenmoku glaze with an overlay of another Japanese glaze, Chun, to create the beautiful blue colour synonymous with this type of glaze. 
Size: Bowl #1  pictured W195mm X H 105mm Bowl #2 :W180mm X H 120mm 
Price: $49.00 each 
Small, yet very useful bowls. handy for small serving, for nuts or dip. Finished in a matt glaze  There are four left.
Size approx: W 115mm X H 70mm
Price $34.00 each
SMALL BOWLS with ROBIN design.
Small bowls, decorated with a delightful green slip, clear glazed and added decals of a Robin bird. Very useful in your kitchen. Just two of these.
Size: W 110mm X H 70mm.
Price: $34.00 each
These bowls, delightfully decorated with Dragonfly decals have many uses in your kitchen. Great for nuts, dips, small servings etc. I still have five left.
Size approx: W 110mm X H 70mm.
Price: 34.00 each.
These hand thrown bowls would be excellent for breakfast muesli with fruit and yoghurt, for soups or desserts.
As each bowl is created individually, there could be small variations in size, shape and finish, yet they pull together as a set.         They are finished with a Chun glaze and fired to stoneware temperatures. The beautiful blue colour from ths Chun glaze is primarily an optical illusion stemming from light refracted off the inside of tiny bubbles trapped in the glaze.
Size: W 150mm X H 70mm
Price: $39.00 each  These bowls can be purchased from The Fantail House Parnell.
BOWLS  x 5
A practical set of 5 bowls for your breakfast, soup or even dessert. Covered with a Chun glaze, they are food safe, dish washer proof and oven to table ware.
I find this size excellent  for leftovers to go into the fridge with some clingwrap over the top. So useful in anyones kitchen. As these are all created individually, there may be some small variation in size, form or finish, but they pull together as a set.
Size: W 135mm X H 80mm.
Price: $35.00 each 
These four wider and lower bowls would work well in any kitchen.Great for pasta or any small meal serving.These bowls were fired at Whangarei Quarry Arts in the wood kiln affectionally known as Sweaty Betty. With the prolonged firing and high temperature, the glaze has beautifully run down the outer of the bowl which delights me. The interior has an olivey green hue .
Size: W 165mm X H 60mm.
Price: $35.00 each 
Covered with a fresh green coloured slip, clear glazed and butterfly decals fired onto each bowl, and underneath, the bowls have so many uses in your kitchen. There are seven of these beauties left for you. Some are ever so slightly out of round, which has been reflected in the price, but are still perfectly usable. 
Size approx: W 110mm X H70mm
Price: $34.00 each.


This bowl has been styled on Buncheong ware, or Punchóng which is a form of traditional Korean stoneware. Wares are coated with a white slip, and decorative designs are painted on using an iron pigment. 
Stoneware clay, white slip, iron decoration, celadon glaze, gas fired.
Size: 260mm wide x 90mm high
Price: $100
These two bowls have Dragonfly decals added onto a blueish glaze.  
Size: W 100mm X H 70mm approx.
Price: $34.00 each.
BIRD BOWLS           003-007
These stoneware, shino glazed bowls are nice to hold (to drink out of) and use. Hand made decals from my photograph are fired onto the interior of each bowl. All these bowls are made individually so there may be some discrepancy in size, shape, colour and design.. Now only 5 left.
Size: 140mm wide x 75mm high approx.
Price: $35 each These bowls can be purchased from The Fantail House Parnell. 
Two small bowls with matching handmade bird decals from my photograph.Glazed in a shino glaze and refired to add the decals. A very handy sized bowl for serving extra condiments onto the table.
Size: 145mm wide at top, 50mm high.
Price: $29.00 each .These two bowls can be purchased from The Fantail House in Parnell.
SMALL DISHES with BIRD decals.
Using my own photograph, I created these decals for my pottery. A delighful green slip was applied and clear glazed to see the brushmarks of the slip, and to accentuate the decals. Some of these wee dishes are ever so slightly out of round which has been reflected in the pricing. There are only five dishes left.
Size: W 110mm X H 70mm approx.
Price: $34.00 each.
Bird Bowl and Plate
Decorated with my hand made decals, they make a delightful set or can be sold seperately.
Size: Bowl  W 165mm X H 70mm. Plate W 175mm X H 10mm
Price: $39.00 each